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​Using an enclosed trailer to transport heavy equipment, machinery, and other massive objects is becoming one of the most popular methods of transportation out there. In the past, you had to rent your own truck, rely on the help of friends and family, or take things apart for easier shipping if you wanted to move something huge from one place to another. Enclosed trailers were used primarily by large-scale corporations and shipping companies. Now, hiring a transportation service like D.L.S. Transport is the best way to make sure your belongings get to their destination safely. D.L.S. Transport offers plenty of delivery options, including enclosed trailers, horse trailers, landscape trailers, dump trailers, campers, and more.  Our fleet includes 11 1-ton Dually's and 3 semi tractors, all with 56 foot wedge trailers.

If finding a delivery service that fits your budget has been difficult, look no further than D.L.S. Transport.Trailer transport services are often too expensive for individual people and small companies to afford, but D.L.S. Transport is ready to help you move anything you want for a price you can afford. D.L.S. Transport is a reliable trailer delivery service that services all of North America, including the Canadian territories, while many other cargo trailer transport delivery services only travel through specific parts of the United States. Considering D.L.S. Transport was started by a husband and wife, that is a very significant accomplishment. Because D.L.S. Transport has such humble roots, you get to benefit from the intimate customer service only a small business can offer. Call today to talk to a cargo trailer transport representative about how D.L.S. Transport can help you.